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Some time ago Oliver wrote a detailed account of D-Day. The manuscript is a faded copy of an old typewritten document. Compared to Blog 11, it contains additional details about his experiences on and after D-Day.

Oliver also wrote an account of his participation in the 50th Anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 1994.

Oliver at the 1994 D-Day Remembrance

6 June 1994: Oliver at the D-Day Remembrance at Bayeux cemetery.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog Summaries

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 1 - 1940-41

  • August 1940: Being called up from Oxford.
  • Being best man for Clifford and Ruth.
  • The 16th Field Training Regiment in Exeter (practices Woodbury Common; gun seized up; regimental marches).
  • November 1940: Posting to 123rd Officer Cadet Training Unit in Catterick.
  • February or March 1941: Posting to Weston-super-Mare.
  • 2 April 1941: Inspection by HM King George VI on the Beach Lawns.
  • April-July 1941: Journey via Cape Town to Tewfik (Suez) on SS Empress of Asia (jugs of water, stokers, rough weather).

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 2 - 1941

  • July 1941: Arrival in Suez.
  • Travelling to Cyprus from Alexandria on HMNZS Leander.
  • Cyprus (Larnaca, one star whisky, sea swimming with the battery).
  • Othello's castle.
  • Egypt (gas course, Cairo).
  • November 1941: Port Said.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 3 - 1941-1942

  • November 1941: Palestine (Haifa, Kibbutz, Jordan valley calibration shoot, swimming in the Dead Sea).
  • December 1941: Egypt (Christmas near Alexandria; Goods train to Sidi Barrani; Getting lost during night-time troop watch).
  • February 1942: The desert near Alexandria (Gazala Line column patrols, leaving the gun behind, ammunition safety devices doing their job).
  • Bir Hakeim - falling into the ammunition pit.
  • A night move near Bir Hakeim and misadventurous tea making.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 4 - 1942

  • 21 March 1942: Martuba airfield (JU87 Stukas; wounded in the legs).
  • Tobruk Hospital, Stuka Raid on Tobruk Harbour and Journey to Alexandria (Duke of Gloucester's visit; 'Mae West' naval nurse; shaving).
  • 63rd General Hospital at Helmieh, Cairo and two convalescent camps (delayed skin graft; moving from number two to number five convalescent camp).

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 5 - 1941-42 Overview

Oliver's time in the Royal Artillery from his posting to Weston-super-Mare in 1941 until his evacuation to Cairo in 1942. Note that Blogs 1 through 4 cover this period in more detail.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 6 - 1942

  • Abbassia barracks - and bed bugs.
  • Stuart tank course.
  • An evening with Mr. Fanner.
  • 22 October 1942: Tank Delivery Regiment, 8th Army.
  • Escorting prisoners - Italian and German.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 7 - 1942

  • The train from Cairo to Haifa - getting left behind in Sinai.
  • Course at OCTU - an Australian's struggle with his gas mask.
  • December 1942: Swimming with the Australians, a march with full kit and assault course.
  • The importance of drill; and variations on 'idleness'.
  • The story of the purple hose tops.
  • December 1942: Exam results and the Royal School of Artillery at Almaza.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 8 - 1943

  • January 1943: Royal School of Artillery at the RABD in Almaza and Tiger Jarvis.
  • Gunnery theory with Major Pope.
  • The mess near Cairo: a leaky corrugated iron roof, brandy and ginger.
  • May 1943: Commissioned, kit allowance spent on high living in Alexandria.
  • July 1943: On draft to Sicily.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 9 - 1943

  • 30 August 1943: Picnic on the beach, Sicily.
  • I don't know old boy, I don't know (Lt. Col. I.G.G.S. Hardie DSO).
  • Leaving the trucks, time in Carruba and the wooden signs made there.
  • Red wine, a long sleep and a clear head for marching.
  • November 1943: Return convoy to the UK, arriving in Avonmouth.
  • Military police and the Duke of Beaufort on the quay.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 10 - 1944

  • Leave for a week.
  • January 1944: Preparing for D-Day (retraining and re-equipping with self-propelled guns).
  • February 1944: Waterproofing course in Rhyll and testing the tanks.
  • OP Shermans, detonating fuse and a new dummy gun.
  • March 1944: Run-and-shoot exercise at Studland fired in the wrong direction.
  • Pioneers and six feet of water.
  • Getting stuck in a bog with Major Gilbert Wells.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog - D-Day 6 June 1944

  • Attempted Invasion.
  • If At First You Don't Succeed.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 11 - June 1944

  • Preparing for D-Day.
  • Engine failure in the Channel.
  • 6 June 1944 D-Day: Anchoring in a swell, and chopping off the anchor.
  • Clear sky on the night of D-Day.
  • Return to Shoreham and move to Southampton (without Lance Bombardier Smith who was in London).
  • Loading the Bren Carrier onto an American LST (Landing Ship Tank).
  • 18 June 1944: Crossing to France on the LST and eating milk pudding.
  • Lost kit (and cigarettes).
  • Smelly cheese in the Sherman.
  • Juaye-Mondaye Abbey.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 12 - June/July 1944

  • Shelling in Normandy near Chateau de Balleroy.
  • Under fire on a liaison job with the Gloucesters.
  • 24 June 1944: Wounded and visit to Bayeux Hospital.
  • Removing the bullet in Manchester in the early 1950s.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 13 - July-Sept 1944

  • July 1944: A short soapy shower in Bayeux, Normandy.
  • American and RAF bombing formations over Caen and Aunay-sur-Odon.
  • Tanks crossing a narrow bridge, and then a mine.
  • August 1944: Motorcycling over the Seine.
  • Late August to Early September 1944: The liberation run - WWI graves.
  • 3 September 1944: En route to Brussels and prisoners at Mons-en-Pévèle.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 14 - Sept-Dec 1944

  • September 1944: Instructions to move at dusk, on the Dutch border.
  • Sleeping in a hay barn, incubating eggs.
  • Moving forward, restoring communications, and some dodgy German pork for dinner.
  • Firing 5,000 yards to the rear.
  • Nijmegen island, regimental HQ in an old farmhouse, sleeping in the cellar.
  • A short walk with the Brigadier (should have taken the jeep).
  • Watching the American Marauders and a parachute landing.
  • Polish battery, always firing.
  • 465 battery party - without the colonel who got drunk with the Poles.
  • November 1944: V1's on a low track and bombings of Antwerp.
  • Handover of Nijmegen island.
  • December 1944: Breaking up of 50th Division.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 15 - 1945

  • January 1945: Patrolling the Rhine in Holland.
  • March 1945: Regimental HQ at Vlijmen and trips to Belgium.
  • 8 May 1945: VE (Victory in Europe) Day celebrated in Roosendaal.
  • Moving to the Ruhr and the Dortmund brewery.
  • June 1945: A school full of Russian prisoners and clearing out the debris.
  • Moving Lithuanian and Latvian displaced persons to catch a train.
  • Journey to Antwerp in an old truck with bad wiring.

Oliver Perks' Wartime Blog 16 - 1945

  • Belgium: Bruges and swimming at Blankenberge.
  • September 1945: Medicals and train to London.
  • The depot at Woolwich, indefinite leave and mumps.
  • Drafted to the Middle East: Stuffy Dafour, journey through France and blankets.
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